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For the past 25 years, Luke Foundation, Inc. has been
providing free preventive, curative and
rehabilitative health care services to the poor.

Brief History


A group of volunteer doctors, engaged in various surgical missions in the Cordillera Region, especially in Bontoc, Mt. Province, founded Luke Foundation.  A grant from the Christoffel Blindenmission gave impetus to Luke Foundation’s Prevention of Blindness Program.  On September 27, 1986, Luke Foundation held its first official mission at Atok District Hospital in Atok, Benguet. By year’s end, Luke Foundation had conducted seven missions serving 1,093 beneficiaries. Programs and services for cleft lip/palate, nose, and goiter patients soon followed.

In 1990 Luke Foundation started the Community Based Rehabilitation Program for the visually impaired, followed by a program for the hearing impaired in a few years.  Health and rehabilitation services in coordination with the Department of Health, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology, Regional Council for the Welfare of Persons with Disabilities, Sight Saving Committees, Cataract Foundation Inc., and other nongovernment organizations soon followed.

Calendar of Activities
 Photo Gallery


DSWD-Project Luke Resource Center Building
90 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City, Philippines 2600

Phone: +63 74 244-2616 Mobile: +63 927 703-9489